stars Detailed 

“This is a great and very informative guide for micro services. Reading through the book you realize that the author is very knowledgeable and actually knows what he’s talking about which is very refreshing. Microservices is a very different way of writing software and if you are not experienced with it at all, you definitely need some guidance. This guide offers excellent detail and explanation about what you need to know. Although some things can get pretty complicated with micro services, the author is very delicate about explaining the ins and outs of it all. I recommend this guide to anyone dealing with software even if Microservices is not necessarily your thing. Very helpful.”


starsExcellent Guide – 

“Very thorough and helped me understand the entire process. I’ve tried a few other resources and none were as detailed as this. It goes into great step-by-step explanations of everything. Well worth the $10 and then some for everything it offers. I’ll be using it again in the future for reference and further learning.


starsA great guide that it very detailed by a knowledgeable professional – 

“One of the greatest parts about this book is the thoroughness of the detail used be the author. It’s very interesting learning about these Microservices, and how crucial they are to the architecture of a software design. When I first got interested in software development and IT, I was like most people where you can get intimidated easily. It really takes some research and practice, and/or training, to get a descent grasp on the technology. The book itself is very helpful because it gives a very detailed explanation of the process broken down step-by-step. The author clearly has an intense knowledge of the topic, but not in a condescending manner where you feel stupid because they are not talking down to you. I learned a lot and will keep it on hand as a great reference that I can use in the future.” – Sam


starsThorough, touched base with each topic significantly.

“This book answered all the questions I had in regards to Microservices as it touched base with each topic thoroughly. So glad I found this edition for $10 as my local book store was asking $40 for something similar! I will definitely be using this throughout my classes to seek information.” – Chelsea


         This is a good overall coverage of Microservices for the uninitiated 

“This is a good overall coverage of Microservices for the uninitiated. If you already heard about Microservices and have an idea of what they are, you should avoid this book. This book gives an idea of Microservices without going into the details of implementation.” – Ravi Chikkam