Book summary

Microservices is a new way to solve problems that plague the software development industry.

This book explains the fundamentals of Microservice architectures and patterns for developing with Microservices.  The book will show you how to transform your current applications to take advantage of the benefits of this old architecture with a new name.  This book will also break down the barriers to understanding why this architecture is valuable and explains when it is best to use Microservices and when it is best to wait.  With many issues involved with software design, delivery and creation, it is important to understand the business contexts and needs that the software will solve.

What this book will do for you

  • Understand what Microservices are and what makes them important.
  • Extensive overview of the patterns to make the most of your Microservice programs and applications.
  • What are the principles and goals that make your services successful.
  • Deep dive into common scenarios showing how to decompose complex systems for leveraging Microservices.
  • Investigate the business contexts and client needs using root-cause analysis.
  • A hands-on, easy-to-read guide that gives you practical advice on Microservice patterns, the Why and How to solve your problems.

The Applications of Patterns 

  • Service Discovery and Registration Pattern
  • Scalability
  • Principles
  • Realistic examples give you ideas for your own work
  • Decomposition of Business needs or existing applications.