Lucas Krause is an entrepreneur, consultant, software developer and architect. He started building programs when he was only 8 years old with his parents Commodore 64.  Lucas studied Electrical Engineering in college and fell in love with hardware and software technology focused solutions.

Lucas started out working in the private sector doing simple web application design, then moved to systems engineering, distributed systems design, and enterprise application development.  Lucas became a consultant 3 years after school and never looked back being able to lead many different projects from Government, and Finance to Utilities and Entertainment.

Lucas has the fortune to work on a variety of projects large and complex project with small or large teams always making big impacts and making the project a success.  A man of many hats, Lucas had been a developer, architect, manager and founder.  Lucas has worked for many different types of organizations including Fortune 100, Non-Profit, Federal, State and Local Government.  He has also been heavily involved in many industries including Finance, Insurance, Ecommerce, Marketing and Advertising, Clinical, Medical, Management Consulting, Training, and Gaming.

Lucas has helped design, build, lead, and deliver over one hundred successful projects in over a dozen different industries.  Lucas’s passion is solving customer’s problems long-term leading to sustainable growth and success.  You can contact Lucas at